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Leadership Development

How to build team productivity and results using coaching to inspire and build a shared culture of success.

Team Culture

Team culture and productivity are closely aligned. By opening the communication channels and breaking down some of the walls, high productivity and an inspired team culture results.

Information Strategy

As the speed of technology increases, so does the amount of information available. By planing with the end in mind, then technology and software integration will support and develop vastly more successfully.

People Productivity

Understanding the influence that personal motivation has on results. How this can influence the team around you.

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Achieving Unboxed Performance is to find your personal best, releasing any barriers to achieve extraordinary results. With an open mind and open communication, empowered people, create a culture that will retain and attract the best people. A shared vision, a common bond that will translate into more effective growth and significant efficiency gains, from an inspired team spirit of connected success.

When people are engaged, empowered and energised they are more creative, better at problem-solving and feed off each other to share inspiring ideas and ways to improve. They feel valued by all contributing to enhanced team results, empowered to grow, provide better service, with lower staff turnover and greater efficiency gains.

Within a team, the attitude towards collaboration is a core aspect of overall efficiency and culture. If the team feel uncomfortable about sharing information, then silos of inefficiency, a disjointed team could be the norm, as opposed to the huge gains that can be made by everybody working together.

At Unboxed Performance we work with leaders and teams, helping them to build peak-performance communities that support, inspire and grow a culture of high-performance team results. Often this is focused on growth, enhanced team productivity, motivation, collaboration, and leadership. One of the core tools is the Inner Game Plan, an online platform to empower, grow and hold people accountable. This helps leaders naturally inspire a shared vision, to align and empower all the team to more effortlessly produce extraordinary results.

As technology has evolved, including the number of mobile devices, so have the available methods of communication and collaboration. While recognising the diversity in how people prefer to work, it is more important today to understand the best tools to harness a high-performance social business culture. This is the new way to securely share internal company information, to channel, engage and inspire greater team growth, performance, and productivity. Many leaders now understand how greater transparency can empower teams to new levels of performance and growth.

Leveraging new ways to build more vibrant communities, by understanding the influence each person has, plus also the influence that the community has on the individuals engagement and work efficiency. This is what we call Unboxed Performance, a culture driven by the why, which is the inspirational purpose for action.

Robert C Robertson Bio

Unboxed Performance, Managing Director

Robert C Robertson’s passion has always been human performance and how to expand the mental and emotional barriers to achieve a more effortless peak performance state of success, as an individual, a leader and with teams.

As a leader, team builder and executive coach, Robert has been fascinated with the tools, technology and methods to inspire, empower and engage a team culture that will grow the people, service and overall team success.

As a team builder and executive coach, Robert helps CEO’s grow their team productivity, motivation, and communication, to build more effortless high performance, fun, creative work cultures. Empowering teams to attract and retain the best people so that they more efficiently achieve their organisational goals. His speciality knowledge in the area of emotional fitness, can also be beneficial helping CEOs grow both their own personal success, and their style of leadership.

For more than a decade Robert has been working with business owners to grow their leadership, people performance and business results. Robert’s history in people performance coaching and leadership development is both hands on as a manager, and as a professional facilitator, coach and speaker. Formally trained as an executive coach, facilitator, and Cert IV trainer.

You can learn more about Robert’s full career history on LinkedIn by clicking here, and his personal passion to understand team and leadership success.

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