How do you make your marketing campaign go viral?

Few Viral Marketing campaigns make the grade but now you can change that with some great learning from the Viral Video Blueprint.  Authored by Ran Weiss, an experienced internet marketer, entrepreneur and blogger, the information in the Viral Video Blueprint is presented in an entertaining, easy to read format.  The system represents the only scientific Viral marketing course available.
It is a three-step system, made up of six individual modules, designed by Weiss to generate over a million website views in just 30 days. Landing that many views may seem unattainable, but his system is very successful. It provides simple tips for tapping into creative and innovative ideas that result in massive traffic to your website. In the process, you’ll win new fans along the way.

It provides you with step-by-step brainstorming techniques and explores consumer psychology to teach you how to incorporate emotional triggers into your presentations. You’ll learn how to produce content or have it produced for you. You’ll also have the tools to then spread that content virally.

The system provides a wealth of information and examples on how to drive traffic to your site using many methods such as blogs, YouTube, tweets and banner ads, as well as email promotions and pay per click and pay per view campaigns. This system doesn’t only teach how to use those methods, but also how to do so most effectively.
There are more than 100 video distribution websites currently available on the Internet. It makes good business sense to put these sites to work for your business. Even if video marketing is a new concept for you, it’s easy to get started using the Viral Video Blueprint.

This comprehensive approach to Viral Marketing will become an integral component of any online marketing campaign. To engage your audience, you must first learn how to approach them to create a loyal following. Weiss accomplishes that and much more.
From this link you can download the first 49-page module from his website. It’s delivered in PDF format and includes “Viral Videos Myths Uncovered” and the “Viral Code.”

I look forward to your feedback and comments below.  Enjoy the fun, fast new viral world!