Good News AmidsT COVID-19

Technological change is not additive, it is ecological. A new technology does not merely add something, it changes everything”

Neil Postman

Due to social distancing and being locked down at home right now, it is very important to have an ally in sustaining our delivery systems and making sure they’re safe.  Here’s some good news!

UPS has recently partnered with a German drone startup company, called Wingcopter, to further expand its delivery program in both the U.S. and around the globe. Wingcopter’s electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft can reach up to 150 mph, handle 45 mph winds, and travel up to 75 miles in a single flight. And, the company’s tilt-rotor design allows the eVTOLs to switch from vertical flight to low-noise forward flight mode, reducing noise pollution over residential areas.


Already, Wingcopter has demonstrated its success in delivering small packages between pharmaceutical giant Merck’s various offices in Germany. Having attained Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval last October, UPS’ drone delivery unit, Flight Forward, now hopes to implement Wingcopter vehicles for package delivery in the near future.


Drone delivery is a vital ally for zero-contact supply in these challenging times. Wingcopter has helped to bridge the needs of people and public safety, and similar technology could prove vital in disseminating critical health supplies, food, and water to those areas most impacted by pandemics and natural disasters in the future.  And more broadly, retail, hospitality and similar industries may also benefit from this approach while reducing shipping costs and carbon footprints.


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