For many years now Dragon Speech Recognition Software has been recognised an the undisputed market leader. Several months ago I went to buy it, knowing that there was no point in looking at other options, as I really wanted the best. Then I discovered that their MAC version was not as good as the windows version for a PC.  Hence wanting the best option at the time, I even considered buying an extra laptop just for this software, which on reflection now would have been such a short sighted view.

The reason is that Google’s new speech recognition algorithms, seem to have caught up with Dragon Speech Recognition Software and if they have not already done so, are very likely to overtake Dragon in this area soon. The following video is a comparison between the two, using the gboard iPhone keyboard from Google and the iPhone Dragon Dictate app.

Google state their speech recognition algorithms are powered by Machine Learning. Which are the most advanced deep learning neural network algorithms, so the user’s audio for speech recognition has unparalleled accuracy. Therefore speech accuracy improves over time as Google improves the internal speech recognition technology used by the vast array of Google products. Google states their goal in this area is twofold:

To make speaking to devices around you (home, in car), devices you wear (watch), devices with you (phone, tablet) ubiquitous and seamless.

Google’s new speech recognition capabilities can be used in many ways. They provide this technology to any developers to utilise. One example is this chrome extension called email dictation Another is the iPhone gboard keyboard demonstrated above with built in voice dictation. Download the gboard app from then in settings under general, select  keyboard and then choose gboard.

Let me know your thoughts as this to me is a game changer!