How will AI and robots change the way we work?

“Technology is transforming jobs in healthcare, in law, in finance and it is not necessarily rendering them as obsolete, it is changing them so the skills held 5 years ago, may soon be redundant”

Dr Carl Benedikt Frey

Economist, Oxford University

The fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0, refers to how automation and digital technology can enhance the performance, output, monitoring and control of manufacturing.

It is exciting to hear that this week the New Zealand Government pledged $6.2m in operating costs and $0.6m in capital funding for an Industry 4.0 demonstration network, with up to two smart factories that it says will help employers make sure they are ready for the future. This is a great initiative in an important area of huge future technology change.

What is certain is that much change is occuring, as explained in the following video. It details how robots are taking some of the current jobs, yet new more highly skilled jobs will be created that never previously existed.

Industry 4.0 requires that businesses adjust and innovate, by embracing new technology that offers new productivity improvements. It also means New Zealanders will need to acquire new skills to take advantage of the opportunities in this changing job market.



As the speed of change occurs, so do the vast array of technology options that can empower people to work smarter, to gain the productivity edge.

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