LinkedIn Likers

The new 2020 definition of Social Selling is that it does not involve any selling at all! It is about adding value and having conversations. This starts by liking and commenting on the posts of your core target clients. Then some of these conversations will show interest and engage in conversations to build trust. Then this may lead to an invitation to have an online meeting.

Having conversations without selling is the next generation of social selling, which replaces sales funnels. Building online relationships with social interactions to add value.

Robert C Robertson

Then when moving from the social platform to an online meeting, the focus is still not on selling. Looking to add value and help others with all conversations. An online meeting could lead to a strategy session which is the first potential selling opportunity, yet we still don’t sell then. We offer value again with the strategy session, then see if they are an ideal client match and ask if they wish to apply to become a client.

The summary is we never sell. We offer to help people and a certain percentage will be ideal clients that effortlessly move into your Trust Engine. This is a new marketing term replacing the funnel in Society 5.0.

We never need to sell if we add value and build trust via quality online relationships, supported with a new client application process so that clients chase us!