My Trust Engine

In 2020 COVID has accelerated the shift in consciousness and business thinking because rapid change is now the new normal. The message from COVID is to embracing change and not be attached to the previous way to innovate and evolve. This occurs in 2 foundemental areas. Personal development as we look at whats really important to us and our close relations. And in business, the old rules no longer apply as new business model become the norm.

Some of the principles are:

  1. Stay open to change, rather than be attached to how it was, attached emotion to the new outcomes. And let go of the old ways.
  2. Add value and offer to help people without expecting a return. This is a life principle, and in business, by adding value if we are driven by our true purpose and vision we can be known as the expert in our niche.
  3. In business if we are positioned as an adding value expert, we never need to sell if we are driven by purpose, we then have an application process. As clients see the value we offer this builds trust and flow of clients who approach us who queue or apply to become clients. This new growth model is rather than sell we have conversations that offer value. These are often digital conversation which we used to call social selling. By adding value and helping enough people then a certain percentage who are ideal clients will effortlessly move into our Digital Trust Engine. The Digital Trust Engine is new business operating systems which from a marketing angle replaces the sales funnel in Society 5.0.