A Christchurch film maker has created a 17 minute interactive movie on YouTube which is getting big hits and attention world wide,  It is a world first, no not because of the scarey zombie adventure horror type scenes, it is because of the way the viewer make choices within the movie.  This has resulted in an awesome viral marketing campaign for Hells Pizza.  When it first came out a few weeks ago this NZ video was the 49th most viewed video globally on YouTube.

This interactive video adventure is the work of Logan McMillan from Little Sister Films. He is one of the first to create interactive videos on YouTube which are also called Video Annotations.

How it works is this interactive movie allows you to decide which direction the plot takes at 5 junctions.  It is made up of 11 videos in total with only the first one available to the public which is the entry point.  Then after watching the initial video you make a choice to decide what the actor should do next.  The next video that starts as a result of your choice, playing an unlisted YouTube video, hence is only available from the link at the end of the previous video.  You make 5 choices over the course of the more than 17 minute adventure movie staring a Hells Pizza delivery man. So if you get a choice wrong then the actor dies and the pizza will not make it’s destination!  The interesting twist is that if he dies then you get taken back via a rewind to when you made the wrong choice and the movie starts again following the correct path.

If you make it to the end of the movie then you get the chance to go into the draw to win a year’s supply of Hell Pizza.  That was a good incentive to watch all the blood and zombie doom.  Hence be warned if you decide to watch the following video then it contains much blood, violence, gore, a touch of a scantily-clad women, iphones, zombies, and of course, pizza.

A sequel is planned so watch out for more coming to a YouTube video channel near you!