Our tech stack

The integration of speech-enabled commands changes how users interact with technology. This will become more evident as Google integrates Assistant into other applications

Castañón Martínez

Senior Analyst, 451 Research

Our Tech Stack is the core of our productivity advantage and changes each week as we learn about new technology. Today is it:

  • The heart of our business is our productivity suite which is built around G Suite. Not just due its awesome documents, calendar and email features but the market leading edge AI and speech-enabled commands which are total game changes for how we work. Plus the new integrations and apps which allow anybody to run their business from a smartphone.
  • Slack is now the fastest growing business app because email is a very inefficient way to communicate. While Slack is not the easiest to learn and get your head around initially, it is a game changer due the exploding list of AI and bots that help automate so much of a business.
  • We love Nimble CRM for many reason but its the Chrome Extension pulling LinkedIn contacts into CRM which is a game changer for is. See the video below for a general overview of the features.
  • Sending email and LinkedIn video messages is only part of why Dubb is the industry leader redesigned how businesses can use video to engage clients and potential clients. Plus it has amazing call to action prompts and it even has marketing automation build in. Use the coupon code of unboxed at check-out to get a permanent 20% discount.
  • With so many amazing project management tools available this area is vast and many options can work well. We use Trello and love their smartphone app. An important thing is also offloading emails from within the G Suite inbox into Trello for inbox zero.
  • Inbox zero is the key too feeling in control for huge email users which is helped with Trello and Evernote inbox integrations.
  • All our team use the free version of Clockify Time tracking to help us bill clients. We especially love the Chrome Extension allowing Clockify to add the task name automatically with the time data from almost any web app. Works well within Trello to link the task name to the time taken with one click.
  • Password manager lastpass as security is so important. And password management is now so easy, even with the free version of lastpass.
  • Marketing Automation we love Groundhogg because it is an open source WordPress plugin. Ok plus we are a Certified Partner!

See below for an general overview of the Nimble CRM features.



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