Founder & CEO, Culture Hacker, and Productivity Expert

Robert C Robertson, known as Rob, is a Productivity Expert, Culture Hacker, and Speaker, driven to help people enjoy greater time freedom. This passion is due to the tools he discovered on his personal journey, replacing anxiety and self-doubt with self-esteem and self-trust. 

His other passion is technology, and how they combine to create business freedom. Technology helps provide outer freedom, with Emotional Fitness ™ the core empowering inner freedom, and his sports mental toughness.

He created the Time Productivity Engine™ and Team Trust Engine™ methodology and tools to empower people to achieve more in life, sport, and business. To empower better decision making, reduce stress and overwhelm, for vastly higher achievement in both business and sport. 

Sport has been the barometer of his inner journey. Shown as vastly higher mental toughness and achievement from 2019.

As Founder and CEO of Unboxed Performance, Rob leads a team helping clients understand the right strategy and technology to build a remote work culture that gets more done.

His remote work journey started in 2000. This was when Rob started his first business working from home, after leaving the high-pressure environment of his 28th-floor corporate leadership role, responsible for more than 50 staff across Australian. Remote work provided the freedom and flexibility for that first business based in Syndey. Working as an Executive Coach remotely supporting CEOs using the tools he developed.

Then in 2013, Unboxed Performance was built on the principle of remote-first, allowing all the team to have the freedom to work anywhere. To work whenever they feel empowered to do their best work. As a result, Rob has only physically met 3 of his 10 current staff. A people-first approach, with everything done online.

Rob is focused on helping others take advantage of the explosion of new technology and the sweet spot of how Emotional Fitness ™ can build greater resilience, inner trust, and higher productivity. Or face the prospect others may dominate your market because digital change is no longer optional.

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