Founder, CEO, Facilitator and Executive Coach

Robert C Robertson is driven to make life easier by helping teams find “flow.” This is an empowered high productivity more satisfying team culture of high-productivity output. To make work fun by using leading-edge technology, collaboration tools and systems, driven by the right mindset to achieve vastly more personal and team success.

This is both getting the right systems and technology, plus expanding the mental and emotional barriers to achieve more, as an individual, leader and team.

As a productivity expert and executive coach, Robert understands the technology tools and methods to inspire, empower and engage team cultures for vastly greater team productivity and success.

Robert works with CEO’s to define their strategy for growth, to build a high-performance team culture that invigorates people and their output. To align the people, technology, systems and team culture, plus mindset.

This starts at the top, driven by purpose, empowering people to share responsibility in a creative more satisfying culture. Building a team that will attract and retain the best people,  to more efficiently achieve their goals.

Robert’s history dates back more than 20 years of working with leaders and their teams, his speciality is providing an Accountable Framework for high-performance productivity and results. His history in people performance, technology, coaching and leadership development is both hands on as a manager, and as a professional facilitator, coach and speaker.

Roberts practical leadership skills are extensive, dating back to being National Sales Manager of One.Net, responsible for more than 50 staff, and also he is formally trained an executive coach, facilitator, and has his Certificate IV qualification in Training and Assessment plus a commerce degree from Lincoln University. You can learn more about Robert’s full career history on LinkedIn by clicking here, and his personal passion to understand team and leadership success.

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