The Smartphone will Replace the laptop

“Technology changes incredibily fast, but people change very slowly .”

Paul Adam, Global Head of Brand Design, Facebook

Which device is more productive for your quick tasks?

The Laptop or Smartphone?

Working from Christchurch these last few days I go for the smartphone most of the time, as it is set-up with voice transcription so I don’t need a keyboard and has all the cloud apps to do everything my laptop can do.

It is predicted that in the future our smartphone will replace our laptop by plugging in a keyboard, big screen and mouse.

Today many smartphones in processing power are comparable or better than laptops. With Samsung the leader in their Dex Pad offering, which allows you to keep a monitor and keyboard connecting to this dock for your phone.

It is predicted that we will one day look back and wonder why we even had laptops. Still some way away yet, as technology has to evolve further and Apple are still creating their solution to turn a smartphone into your main office workstation.



As the speed of change occurs, so do the vast array of technology options that can empower people to work smarter, to gain the productivity edge.

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