As social media explodes as the new fad.  And now is accepted as much more than a fad, measuring the return on invesment(ROI) is the big challenge.  Any form of Marketing can be difficult to measure, hence the importance of tracking the old sales question, “How did you hear about us?”

Social media now has some massive success stories as detailed in the following graphic. Starbucks 12.7 million fans on Facebook and people say the Coffee is not that great, Coco-Cola 10.7 million and how good is that stuff for you really!  Red Bull 7.8 million with heaps of boost in that big bad bull of a base.  Click on the following graphic to enlarge it’s size to read more.

Top Social Media site visitors

We can see the impressive social media numbers, and in the case of Coco-Cola they are now getting more hits via social media than they are from their traditional web site.  This is impressive of course but with such growth the real challenge is measuring social media effectiveness.  I recently read an interesting article on this topic written by David Roth who is Director of Search Engine Marketing for Yahoo!, Inc. This article was posted on the Search Engine Land Blog for some interesting views on the topic.

So we all know about it and many of us are doing it.  The future is social media to create business.  Yes it is time to jump on board and enjoy the adventures of the new emedia we call social media.