Simple static e-learning programs are no longer good enough to appeal to different learning styles and capabilities. It’s important to incorporate other more engaging elements into an online course.

Amazing visuals are a great help but to captivate a learner we should make our course appeal to each of the different learning styles. These are tactile, visual, auditory, or kinesthetic. Each learner can be a combination of two or three of these learning styles which is why we seek to build elements that appeal to each into any great e-learning program.

Most people appreciate and respond well to sounds as long as it is appropriate. This is often a voice narrations or can be well chosen background music to create an appropriate mood.

There are a lot of e-learning development tools available that offer unique functions and features to help with adding the right sound as well as other methods to engage and ensure a captivating effective learning result. Two of the leading products are Adobe eLearning Suite 2 and Lectora development tool. As known as authoring software which can be used to help create that something special in the learning journey.