Real emotion is the key to the success of the Ataxia UK viral marketing campaign.  Ataxia UK is a charity who used a successsful viral marketing campaign to raise awareness of the condition Ataxia, a little know nurological disorder without a cure.  With web video starting to dominate bandwidth needs on the net, the following is a great example of how you can create some impressive results to build a brand.

On Septemeber 25 Ataxia had their awareness day which they combined with the launch on the following video, to attract visitors online to their web site.  See the video below that was made by the Media Trust for Ataxia UK . It was posted on a network of sites to generate a good viral marketing buzz.  The combination of this viral video with Google and Facebook advertising, drove significant traffic to the charity’s website.

After visiting the web site, as well as raising awareness, another objectives was to attract them to the donations page.  If they make a donation they see video examples of the great work they do as a charity.  The power of video again.

The success of this campaign was the emotion of the story allowing us to connect with another human and share their challenges along the journey of  life.