NZ technological change and the future of work

“Productivity is one of the most closely watched indicators of long-term economic prospects.”

US National Bureau of Economic Research

An interesting article titled Technology and Productivity Growth explains that our productivity is a real indicator of economic prospects. While that is no surprise, what is very interesting is that the New Zealand Productivity Commission, which is an independent Crown Entity that pursues abundance for New Zealand, has started a 2019 inquiry into technological change and the future of work.

This inquiry investigates the impact of technological change on the future of work. It aims to answer three big questions:

  • What are the likely impacts of technological change on work?
  • What does this mean for workers, productivity and wellbeing?
  • How can the Government best position New Zealand to respond?



As the speed of change occurs, so do the vast array of technology options that can empower people to work smarter, to gain the productivity edge.

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