Unboxed Office provides a virtual business support package that takes the stress out of day-to-day operations, and lets owners focus on what they do best. 


In helping our clients work on their unique strategy and purpose, we discovered a common need.  Many small businesses require some form of skilled business support, for things like the website, cloud-based systems, admin, maybe a bookkeeper, digital marketing or social media expert.  They need to outsource small packets of work to an affordable specialist they can trust, then make sure this remote team can work independently, but stay on the same page.  

That’s why we came up with Unboxed Office, the focused solution for anyone needing remote support in their business.



We’ve always helped people build their 1PageStrategy and 1PageDashboard to establish a clear pathway forward.  We also guide clients to choose the right technology and AI tools, and connect their data and workflows so things happen seamlessly.  It’s an exciting process that saves our business owners big chunks of time and money, so they begin to achieve vastly more.  The inspiration and focus grows exponentially from this point, but over time the challenge becomes finding a great support team and keeping everyone on the same page.  Your remote team are usually great at what they do individually, but not necessarily aligned around the new strategy.

We’ve experienced the same challenge, having hired out our virtual assistant, copywriter, web developer, social media manager, and digital marketing team.  But, because all our team use the same 1PageStrategy and 1PageDashboard that we build for clients, we’ve been able to quickly align and integrate this virtual workforce.  When the people, technology and strategy are aligned in this way, you get rapid growth from a laser-focus on the key drivers for success.


Unboxed Office can provide your business with a coordinated, focused, remote work support package, so you can more efficiently achieve your goals.  If you would like to explore this option, then book an online meeting directly into Robert C Robertson’s calender at http://www.meetrcr.com/