Have you ever tried swimming after a Fish to catch it for dinner?  Good luck with that, I hope you are fast and not hungry, I am guessing it may take a while.  Although having never tried it myself!

Is your marketing and web strategy structured to use bait to lour visitors and customers, or do you get on the phone and cold call the old so called proven way?

With a well planned and automated lead generation and conversation strategy, then potential qualified customers can find you.  But before you do that the key it to be very clear about the target niche and the pain you wish to solve for them. Then plan out your lead generation bait, before your content strategy, supported with the right social media channels.

So if you are very clear about your business purpose, and the pain you solve, then the best lead magnet can be created to fully engage that target audience. Then using that information the right landing page and web site reflect this smart focus.

Getting the strategy right, leads to a healthy flow of clients to you. So that your clients are hunting you rather than you chasing them.